Dish with Trish provides a continuing variety show that brings the viewer into the stores, bars, restaurants, kitchens, and minds of the food, lifestyle, and entertainment industry. Every week’s show will help you learn about the hotspots, the top dishes, the gossip, what to wear, the places to be and what to do when you get to one of the locations highlighted by hostess Patricia Kara. Patricia produces and distributes the show and its content so that you can publicize what you are doing in your establishment to create notoriety and buzz for your clients, to increase traffic flow, reservations, advertise specials, sales, upgrades, renovations, updates, new menus, seasonal trends, the WORKS! Each episode of Dish with Trish is aired on the internet and distributed through various forms of social media and online outlets to make sure that you maximize your exposure to new and existing clientele! Patricia personally selects the topic of her show each week to make sure that she is varying interest bases and expanding the reach of her content to new audiences. Please feel free to reach out to Patricia and give her ideas or tell her about what is interesting or great in your world. Owners can directly contact Patricia and her production team to pitch their hotspot and learn about the costs associated with bringing Dish with Trish to them. Advertisers are also welcome to inquire about sponsorship packages tied to the weekly Dish with Trish Episodes airing on the World Wide Web near you! Get Your Dish!  Visit my blog at: Patricia Kara